A twisted love affair with the cane committing grievous bodily harm to prisoners. Get your free satirical sketches here and support the campaign to end this evil.  A decent world and society needs to drive this barbaric practice out, because it has no place in a modern world.

When justice becomes the criminal offence, it becomes the beginning of evil, and Singapore has indulged in this for many years pretending that caning is necessary for public safety while indulging in punishment practices that are not only inhumane, but perverse in the objective.  Many prisoners receive a 'second sentence' which is the brutal caning, yet the Singapore authorities maintain this is a deterrent attached to the prison time an offender gets and that it is only given to 'criminals' who hurt another so they should feel the violence likewise.  But many offenders are caned for entering the country illegally or overstaying, and they have not hurt anyone...they are also jailed.  This twisted Utopia fails to see the many contradictions they reveal while attempting to validate their need for the cane.  The 100 sketches in satirical comedy form are based on this need and society that believes caning should exist not only at the prisons, but at their secondary schools and in the home too.  To obtain these sketches just cut and paste and take as many or all, there will be more coming from our special folder we have for Facebook and Twitter, which are published once a week.  After looking at a brief history which shows this evil growing yearly and its effect on the people in Singapore (which includes the kids), scroll up to see all the sketches, you may help yourselves to them freely.  We need you to help show that this judicial activity breeds the perversion. SPREAD THEM AROUND THE WORLD to all those who wish to encourage its speedy abolition and ultimate demise.

This picture you see here depicts the general set up within what the Singapore Prison calls the 'Caning Room' where both the prisoner sent from court and serving prisoners who have 'disobeyed the rules and have been naughty' -- both punishments are of the same cruel ferocity, and are called a 'judicial caning' to be given at full force as the rules say. A former Director of Prisons, one Quek Shi Lei said he wanted these criminals 'to carry the marks and suffer the humiliation of them for the rest of their lives, and hoped the scars would be permanent'...in addition to their outrageous jail sentences.  Way back in 2007, CHANGI Prison boasted of 6.404 canings that year, and that has increased each subsequent year, and it may not represent the internal prison canings which are estimated to be over 100 a week....caning also goes on at the Youth Remand Centre, the Drug rehabilitation Units and Admiralty West Jail.... the other was the now defunct Queenstown Prison which caned many teens and juveniles.....it was pulled down shortly after 2010. They also claim the caning is administered in private, yet there is around three to four officers sat at desks processing prisoners, a doctor and assistant plus up to four caning officers.... which makes something like ten others watching a man or youth being torn open by a cane which doesn't seem all that private.

We now move onto the most disquieting bit, and that is the 'PERVERSION' and this involves the People of Singapore too, almost in league and a willing partner to the cane, because as you will see in this next photo, the education Ministry and the Singapore Government run school tours to the prisons like the one on the right, CHANGI jail, to get the teenage or younger boys acquainted with the cane and the A-Frame, giving them demonstrations, never really heard of elsewhere, an almost bizarre ritual that is teaching them to accept the cane in their lives, to honour it and live by it.  And they actually do, because 150 Secondary Modern schools in Singapore with boys from 12 to 18 are subject to caning, with 3 strokes being given for any naughtiness in the Principle's Office. These boys can also be caned judicially too at the Remand Centre, and jailed even at 14 with up to 10 strokes being given.  In a country, a small country, 660 cases of physical abuse was revealed in a 2019 report and that includes youngsters aged 7 and up, where it was found that 21% of the boys had cane marks present...and another discovered note exposed the fact that lawmakers suggested it would be better if young boys were caned rather than smacked.....which doesn't come as any surprise when they promote the cane so publicly as a cure to violence.  The State have a policy visitors with boys should be aware of, and that is that in line with their caning of residents, foreigners which includes visitors will not be spared the cane, and if your teenage sons should misbehave and fall foul of a mandatory caning offence, Singapore will cane your son or sons and send them to a reformatory prison for at least  5 months, which could ruin your holiday and leave you with a bad taste about Singapore.... So beware!

Lastly for now, we arrive at the caning itself, using a half inch thick cane which is almost four foot in length, and soaked to give it extra weight and flexibility as they proudly say. They also claim that they modelled their law on the British system, probably because the British gave them this caning system over a 100 years ago and they've adopted it magnificently...but this caning is an abuse of this law because the caning is intended to wound and scar, to be given on the bare with the man naked and bent over a frame, secured.  The Caning officers are told to use all their body weight force and break the skin as many times as possible....they have a crime of 'hurt' and also 'grievous bodily harm' like the UK law...it says 'this is section 18.20 of the Criminal Law Act (Offences against the person Act 1861, and amended in Criminal Law 1967) which states 'whoever shall unlawfully wound or cause, and grievous bodily harm, such as blows from an instrument or hand that ruptures the Urethra, the skin, and bleeds, causing the membrane to be broken, shall be found guilty of the offence and face 5 years to life imprisonment....yet this is done routinely at Changi Prison by the caning officers who by a twist of law, are immune from prosecution, just because the judiciary and government order it.  The Human Rights Court has ruled it 'Torture' but this is ignored.  They prosper by 'courting' the wealthy and putting on a show of modernism and futuristic image, which is a false utopia...because behind this is this ancient evil of caning, ignoring the the homeless and silencing anyone who challenges their rigid warped views....and I can only hope the last photo makes you think again...because what you see are the results of a eight or possibly ten stroke caning....not a 24 stroke caning  which some prisoners are facing every week when they are convicted at the District Courts.

We dedicate this site and movement, campaign, to one caned prisoner who received 24 strokes in 2020 who said the caning was an outrage, indecent and an evil that should be banned.  Although he was immensely silly doing the crime that he did which contained no violence, Ming Yuen 31, didn't deserve such a horror added to his prison sentence, but they did it anyway and he appealed for someone, somewhere, to do something, and although this is lacking in governments and many others who speak a load nothing (because they're tied to trade deals and other such gains) your plea has been heard and the fight is now on to change things by any method.....and this is our or my method.  To see more on Singapore, caning and corruption, and much more go to us at -

www.dirtydealsinlawandgovernment.com a site that has battled corruption and evildoers for many years.  We reveal much more on Singapore, hidden secrets and documents, a corrupt business structure, a dodgy law regime, lawyers and cops, a tax exile for the elite and the evil caning ideal.

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